List of works

This is the list of the major works of Yugen. It also includes interviews. The latest information on Yugen’s works is delivered via e-mail magazine (Japanese) and Twitter (English).

In progress

Titles (tentative)CommentsType
AbyssA prequel to “Hosshoji the Rocket Temple”Short story
TBAHosshoji the Rocket Temple, a novelNovel
TBA Short story

On sale

TitlesRelease dateNumber of characters
Tempus Fugit (short story)2019-10-3033590 characters
Included in “Toki wo aruku” (“Walking through Time”), a time-themed SF anthology published by Tokyo Sogensha.
Hosshoji the Rocket Temple (The 9th Sogen SF Short Story Award winner)2018-06-2932,769 characters
Hosshoji is a nine-storied pagoda that is also a spaceship. The astromonks begin an adventurous journey to visit the Great Buddha on a faraway planet! On sale as an e-book from Tokyo Sogensha. The audiobook version is available from and Kikubon.
Final Anchors (The Grand Prix winner of the 5th Nikkei Hoshi Awards)2018-08-1520141 characters
Two AI self-driving cars are about to collide. They have to decide which one should survive in 0.5 seconds. Final Anchors is on sale as an e-book, which is published from Hayakawa Shobo..
Final Anchors Chinese version. Included in an issue of a Chinese science fiction magazine “Science Fiction World [科幻世界]” with illustrations.

Essays and interviews

TitlesMediaRelease date
Interview with Yashima YugenWeb Magazine Anima Solaris2019-05-27
“Literature that makes readers think”Hoshi Shinichi official website2019-05-05

Other works

TitlesRelease dateNumber of characters
Lotus Eater (Winner of the merit award of the 5th Nikkei Hoshi Awards). Available at Honto for free)2018-03-089987 characters
A man’s precious memories are locked in by a piece of ransomware. He does everything to regain his memories of his beloved sister, but instead, finds a horrifying truth.
Men Are Islands2017-09-2118946 characters
Humanity is “initialized” by a nuclear war. A fraction of humans randomly selected and transferred to an alien planet. They discuss how to start humanity all over.
Collective Schooling — Town Divers2017-12-2123209 characters
In a post-apocalyptic town, a group of junior high school students fights with mysterious enemies on their way home. They cannot rely on adults. They have to outsmart these monsters.
The Sea of Incarnation2018-01-1926302 characters
A bio-AI is about to gain a superhuman — almost divine ability. What is the best way to prevent this “AI explosion”?
StarX’d2018-03-0817065 characters
Sentient stars imitate humans and play “Romeo and Juliet.” Eventually, they commit themselves to it in an unexpected way. Why is humanity alone in the universe? An answer to Fermi Paradox is here.
Edo 19102018-04-2045236 characters
A millionaire vlogger goes back in time and arrives in Edo, old Tokyo. What he witnesses is a giant wooden robot leading a Daimyo procession. It is a world without the Meiji Restoration, where the countries other than Japan isolated themselves. This Edo is ignorant of modernization, and it is visited by “aliens” who are from a different world. Trading with them has developed a civilization based on wood, instead of iron.
Robot Boy2018-07-126626 characters
A robot boy arrives in a junior high school classroom where a boy is the target of bullying. What is the agenda of the robot boy?
What can robots do? What are the things they can’t do? And what they should do with humans?