Tempus Fugit (short story)

(Machine-translated by Lingotek)

“Stay, time. You’re too beautiful.”

From Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust

Atalaccia – it is an abnormal phenomenon in which the consciousness of all mankind stops after 22 days.The only way to counter the end of the escape was to “accelerate” all mankind!  Can the world’s fastest cephedorate bioatollaante and a team of scientists save humanity?

“Just because you live in the same age doesn’t mean you’re living the same time.”

The feelings of two people passing each other.Please enjoy this work where the theme and the story of many layers resonate carefully.

“Time is like an arrow” e-book version is here.

It is also included in “Walking Time Writing Time SF Anthology” (Tokyo Sogensha) released on October 30, 2019.Anthology is available for both e-books and paper books.

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