Hoshoji the Rocket Temple is on sale now! (The 9th Sogen SF Short Story Award winner)

(Machine-translated by Lingotek)

The nine-story pagoda visits the Great Buddha on a faraway planet – this is the dawn of budhpunk

The prayer furnace of Hoshoji Temple reached a critical point at the end of a long prayer, and obtained the thrust necessary for the first cosmic velocity.

The towering nine-story pagoda is the crystal of the latest confucianism that solves the truths of the universe.It is a star temple that cuts through the different space-time and reaches the other star in just forty-nine days.

The aim is here: “Enbudai” (Earth) to the 39th light years away from the “Enbudai” (Earth)

Hoshoji Temple, led by a medical monk, Ishou, is guided by a monk, Teruumi, a machine monk, a man, a man, and emanuel, a nun, and goes to the son of a star map of the mandala showing the space structure.

The seven space monks train their meditation and breathing techniques and control their bodies and spirit to withstand the harshest activities in the universe.

The Great Shrine of Mochishuang and Shisakuin is opened for the first time in 180 years.Hoshoji sends Salje, the reincarnation candidate, to Shishakin to the Temple of Fine, a reincarnation candidate.

However, Teruumi is surprised to open the secret command letter received from the great monk of Motoyama.

“Destroy the Abominable Shuangsu-sei Daisuke”

Mysterious black projectile.A strange false hood that appears one after another.A symphonic warper.Emanuel pretends to be Kongo Rikishi, and Teruumi also urges a powerful fox.

The Fate of Salje and How!? And what is a great shrine?

Buddha’s “Bu” “Punk”, begins here.

You can read the trial version here.

Many of the terms in confuciais (and Buddhism) are used in this work.There is a glossary, so please see it.

On April 24, 2018, this work was awarded the 9th Gen SF Short Film Award.This work is included in “Project: Sherlock (Annual Japanese Science Fiction Masterpiece Selection)” (Original SF Bunko) published by Tokyo Sogensha in June 2018 (on sale).

It is also on sale as a single e-book.

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