“Final Anchors” (short story, Fifth Nikkei Hoshi Award Grand Prix winner) is published from Hayakawa Shobo

Two AI self-driving cars are about to collide. They have to decide which one should survive in 0.5 seconds.

The reaction time of humans is too slow to deal with the situation. There is no time to communicate with any parties other than the approaching vehicle. Now the Last Judgment by AIs begins.

“I am Ruriha. In accordance with the Ordinance on Emergency Accident, I delegate the driver and commence the AI negotiation phase. Driver’s name: Simon Galbraith. What took you so long?”

Which vehicle should launch emergency-stop anchors and self-destruct? Four anchors, which are required to be equipped on all AI cars, extend in 0.02 seconds and pierce the asphalt surface, immediately halting the vehicle on the spot. As a result, the kinetic energy exceeds the energy absorption capacity of the airbag, and the driver is instantly killed as well as the onboard AI. Thus, these are called final anchors.

What is the solution to this trolley problem?

Can Ruriha protect Simon, the driver?

Final Anchors is on sale as an e-book, which is published from Hayakawa Shobo on August 15, 2018.

Accident site (the intersection of Grant Avenue and Lombard Street)

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