Yashima Yugen’s synopses in English

Yashima Yugen


Profession: Language/translation consultant.

Education: United World College of the Atlantic (Wales). University of Tsukuba, BA. University of Chicago, MA.

Awards: The ninth Sogen SF Short Story Prize. The fifth Nikkei Hoshi Awards Grand Prix and a merit prize.

Genres: Writes sci-fi, horror stories, and mysteries. These are visual-adaptation ready.

Languages: Japanese (native), English (fluent), French (good enough)

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The following synopses are written by Yugen.

Final Anchors

Two autonomous cars are about to collide. They have to decide who should live – in 0.5 seconds.
(The short version of “Final Anchors” received the Grand Prix of the fifth Nikkei Hoshi Awards.)

Men are Islands

Some people find themselves marooned on a strange planet. They are saved from the annihilation on Earth, but they would have to reboot the humanity – from scratch.

Lotus-eaters – ransomware

A guy wakes up and realizes he has forgotten almost everything because of ransomware. He is desperate to take back his memory at all cost.
(Received a merit prize of the fifth Nikkei Hoshi Awards.)

Hosshoji the Flying Temple

A group of monks fly off to a far-away planet. Their goal is to see the Great Buddha – or to destroy it.

(Received the ninth Sogen SF Short Story Award. )

Town Divers

A bunch of school kids navigate back home through an eerie abandoned town. There are rules to follow, and creatures to fight with.

The Sea of Incarnation

A scientist invents a clever and cruel method to contain the AI takeover of a biological AI by transferring its consciousness to a diver/shrine maiden.


Two sentient stars play “Romeo and Juliet” by mimicking minute organisms, but they soon find themselves seriously in love.

Chesterton – Five million detectives


A player accidentally discovers that the online detective game he is playing is used by the real law enforcement – without their knowledge.

Edo 1910 (Marquis in Edo)


A vlogger travels back through time to shoot a harakiri video with a ninja descendant. They find themselves in Edo in an alternate history, where Western countries close their borders, and Japan is alone enjoying trades with mysterious visitors who boast advanced technologies – including robots made of reinforced wood powered by origami muscle.