List of works

(Machine-translated by Lingotek)

This is the list of the major works of Yugen. It also includes interviews. The latest information of Yugen’s work will be delivered on e-mail magazine and Twitter.

In prgress

Name of the work (tentative title)CommentsType
AfugakuThe day before “Tenman-go Hoshoji Temple”Short story
Waiting for official announcement“Ten-Yae Hoshoji” Feature EditionNovel
Waiting for official announcement Short story
Waiting for official announcement Novel
Waiting for official announcement Novel
Waiting for official announcement Short story

On sale

Name of the workPublished onNumber of characters
Tempus Fugit (short story)2019-10-3033590 characters
Included in “Walking Time Writing Time SF Anthology” (Tokyo Sogensha).
Final Anchors (The 5th Nikkei “Hoshi Shinichi Award” Grand Prix winner.The 5th Nikkei “Shinichi Hoshi Award” edition (9964 characters) is released free of charge at honto)2018-08-1520141 characters
Two AI self-driving cars will talk to them in 0.5 seconds, just before they crash.Final Anchors original version is now on sale as an e-book from Hayakawa Shobo.
Most-like stopper2019-10-09 
“Final Anchors” Chinese version.Published with illustrations in the Chinese science fiction magazine “The World of Science and Technology”.

Essays and interviews read on the web

Name of the workMediaPublished on
Yashima Kaoru Interview 1st HalfWeb Magazine Anima Solaris2019-05-27
“Literature Considered by Readers”Hoshi Shinichi’s official website2019-05-05

Other than that

Name of the workPublished onNumber of characters
Lotus Eater (Awarded the 5th Nikkei “Hoshi Shinichi Award” Excellent Award)Free public at honto)2018-03-089987 characters
 The man who was deprived of important memories by ransomware.I do my best to get my memories back with my sister, but I find the terrible truth.
Human Restart – Men Are Islands2017-09-2118946 characters
Discuss how to start over with a human being that is randomly selected and transferred to aliens.
Group School – Town Divers2017-12-2123209 characters
In the dangerous school road on an extraordinary basis, junior high school students squeeze their wisdom while fighting a mysterious enemy and leave the group
The Sea of Meat: Incarnation2018-01-1926302 characters
What is the ultimate way to prevent the intelligence explosion of biological AI trying to acquire divine ability! ?
StarX’d Starcrost2018-03-0817065 characters
The intellectual star life imitates man and plays Romijuri, but it becomes serious sooner or later.Why is mankind lonely in space?The answer to the mystery is clear.
Edo 19102018-04-2045236 characters
In Edo, where the video contributors of millionaires visited the time, giant wooden robots were leading the Daimyo procession.The world where the Meiji Restoration did not occur and Japan’s “other” countries were closed.A different worldperson visits Edo, where the Industrial Revolution did not come.Trade with them brought reinforced tree civilization instead of iron.
Boy Robot2018-07-126626 characters
One day, a robot boy comes to a junior high school classroom.Does he have any purpose?What can robots do, what can be done to humans, what should be done?

Yashima Kaoru and related works can be purchased at bookstores, Kindles and other e-books.